This museum offers an exclusive 5D experience with the scent of slivovitz. Slivovitz is a noble alcoholic beverage that has been produced for centuries, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

It is so typical for Bohemia and Moravia that we can, without exaggeration, call it a national drink and "export silver".

In the R. JELÍNEK Slivovitz Museum, you will get a unique opportunity to reveal its story. You may look forward to interesting projections, genuine exhibits and even an exclusive 5D show with virtual reality.

The interactive exhibition offers an unforgettable experience from the world of fruit spirits production, the history of distillery in Vizovice and life in Wallachia. You may look into the fates of families working their way in the distillery as well.

What awaits you?
– A 55-minute-long interactive tour
– Tasting of three R. JELÍNEK products and three Wallachian canapés
Tours start every 15 minutes.
Tasting in the stylish bar with the atmosphere of modern Wallachia

Slivovitz, available in many variants, is together with other fruit distillates the domain of the bar. But our bar meets even the demand of those who indulge in mixed drinks or liqueurs. If you are unable to opt for any choice within our offer, we may also offer you tasting sets in combination with typical Wallachian finger food.

The main business content of RUDOLF JELINEK‘s company is the production of alcoholic beverages, particularly spirits. The tradition of fruit spirits reaches as far as to 1585. The company itself arose at the end of the 19th century, in 1894. RUDOLF
JELINEK’s products are well known all over the Czech Republic as well as in the world.


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