Spojka Karlín is the first flexitarian restaurant in the Czech Republic that aims to bring together at one table all those who want to eat properly and healthy, no matter what their dining style.

Flexitarian diet is a sustainable approach in which the usage of meat and animal products is not forbidden, only slightly reduced in response to ecological impacts associated with meat production.

The emphasis is placed on the quality of the ingredients and the overall approach to them. Most of the dishes are hand-made from the start, while using fresh ingredients of high quality. All meat they serve is of bio quality or comes from free-range.

In their menu, you can find many extraordinary vegetarians, vegans as well as meat-based combinations. Moreover, during the workweek, you can always find here a lunch menu, which we tried during our visit. We suggest the amazing salad with duck breast and hummus with grilled vegetables and pita bread.

The restaurant also offers a breakfast, brunch menu, wide range of wines and cocktails, and fresh homemade desserts and pastries.


Pernerova 35, 186 00 Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

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